Saturday, March 25, 2017


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Grace Lam Nga Sze, Zac Kao Ho Ching, Bonnie Ngai Chau Wa and Shirley Yim (Suet Lei) yesterday attended their new film JEST CID (GAING GOO HUP JOK)'s press conference and actor recruitment. Sexy cop Grace said that in the film she would not be so sexy. In the story she went undercover into a Cosplay criminal organization.

Grace said that the new film will start production at the end of April. Her co-stars will include Bob Lam Sing Bun, Rain Li Choi Wa, Yip Sai Wing and Pinky Cheung Man Chi. She also successfully convinced her manager Ma Tin Lok to perform. Once linked in rumors with Grace, Ma Tin Lok revealed that in the film he would have a relationship and even joked about a bed scene.

Kao Ho Ching for now would be responsible for the film music, as for acting it would depend on his schedule. He said, "I have known Grace for a long time. She is a good mother, so I would support her. If she wants me to cosplay I can, since becoming a father I have no bottom line." He also praised Grace for her courage to recruit new actors in hopes of stimulating the tired Hong Kong film industry. "In recent years the industry climate really hasn't been good. Many professional actors have no job, but I believe Hong Kong film will be good again. In addition the Mainland has a new outlook, now that they can't use Korean artists many Mainland film companies are approaching Hong Kong artists again. Unfortunately I am unable to work in the Mainland due to fatherhood."

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