Sunday, March 5, 2017


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Lemon Yip, Checkley Sin, Brian Yuen
Janice Man complains about not having time to see her boyfriend so they have moved in together.
Queenie Chu says that the "new man" the media mistakenly refers to is actually her cousin
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Film industry new comers Lemon Yip Chi Yu and Brian Yuen Chung Yeung along with their boss Checkley Sin Kwok Lam two nights ago attended the Yan Chai Hospital charity ball. Lemon happily said that in the film OUR DAYS (NGOR MOON DIK 6E BAN) played the class teacher as the lead. She revealed that she had scenes with Eric Suen Yiu Wai, who played a sassy teacher. However they had no kiss scene. Did Suen Yiu Wai teach her about acting? She said, "yes, once I was nervous and he taught me how to act. Master (Sin Kwok Lam) advised me." She said that although she has studied kung fu for over a decade, this was the first time she had a fight scene. She was even bruised all over in the process and needed cover up make up the next year to be able to wear a short dress. Brian said that in the film he played a student. He stated that producer Sin Kwok Lam was very demanding, which made me very nervous.

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