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Rachel Lam, Ai Wai, Pinky Cheung
Pinky Cheung (right) helps Rachel Lam (center) with her tears.  Even Ai Wai is touched.
Rachel's sister Mannyan sang the theme song and said that her sister has a lot of pressure from being both the lead and the producer.
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Ai Wai, Rachel Lam Hei Tung, Pinky Cheung Man Chi, Mannyan Lam, Lawrence Chou Chun Wai and Deon Cheung Chung Chi yesterday promoted their new film LA LOL (NGOR LO POR MEI GIT FUN) in Sham Shui Po. First time lead Ai Wai performed a mock sedan door kick in to welcome his two on screen wives Rachel and Pinky. Producer Rachel broke down in tears when Ai Wai's ability of being the lead actor was questioned. Ai Wai and Pinky were moved.

Ai Wai said that he was nervous. "My feelings are mixed. This film can be said as my beginning in the film industry and maybe the end as well. If it doesn't perform well, in a way it denies all the efforts of the past 40 years. 40 years weren't easy, I am very proud of myself for never giving up. Few people have that history! The film's performance to me, the company and Rachel, who fought off all the different opinions in casting me, will be a challenge. I hope everyone will support Ai Wai ticket by ticket, so I can successfully qualify!" Rachel said, "Some after watching the movie really like it, but asks why Ai Wai? I was very heartbroken after hearing that! Some viewers feels that they didn't have spent any money to watch the support king for 40 years, why do they have to pay to watch his movie at the cinema. This is the first time he got to this spot, I hope everyone would give him a chance!"

Pinky admitted that she would support them to the end. "Rachel and I have known each other from the start. She is very talented. Although lately I have to work on a series, I asked TVB for a favor and took time off to support her completely! Ai Wai gave a lot of effort, I hope everyone would support Ai Wai. Hong Kong viewers would support domestic productions more!" Mannyan performed the film theme song UNSEEN EXISTENCE and said about her sister Rachel breaking down in front of everyone. She said, "I just saw her eyes were all red, but she instead encouraged me to concentrate on singing the song well. I know she has a lot of pressure, and she is very demanding of herself. She didn't get much sleep from such a big project."

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