Monday, March 6, 2017


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Ai Wai cannot afford to lose this time at his age
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Artists Ai Wai and Rachel Lam Hei Tung yesterday promoted their new film LA LOL (NGOR LO POR MEI GIT FUN) in Sham Shui Po and gave away promotional flyers and memorabilia.

Ai Wai got a rare lead actor role in the new film, of course he asked his friends to support him. He said, "I asked some friends for their support, some of them turned around and asked me for tickets. Wouldn't that be me supporting them, not them supporting me? Today originally I wanted to sing WIDE OCEAN, EMPTY SKY, the lyrics of which went 'How many times, faced with cold eyes and ridicule, never give up my heart's ideal!' I toughed out 40 years in this business, so my endurance is decent. This time I really have to go for it once. People say after you fall you can get back up, but at my age if this time is a box office flop I might not be able to stand. I hope everyone would support it!"

Rachel stated that she would continue to support Ai Wai and promote the new film. She said, "When I was little my family was poor. I worked as a flyer distributor for money, so I am a well versed craftsman. I am all in with my support, I will use all the ways to support Ai Wai. I see actually many people realize Ai Wai and would ask him for photos. However when Ai Wai promotes on his own, some would be biased. I hope everyone would be able to buy tickets to support him!"

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