Tuesday, March 28, 2017


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Ronald Cheng Chung Kei and Tracy Chu Chin Suet yesterday attended a mobile phone event. They took selfies with the guest in the audience. Ronald said that his photography skill was average. His first camera was one that used film from his grandfather. It already had 60 to 70 years of history. Because it was too old, it spent most of its time at repair. It still remains today and he will pass it on to his children with the ones that he bought on his own.

As this year's Hong Kong Film Award host, Ronald is already busy with the preparation. Because this time he would be solo and without others to back him up, he was rather nervous as he had to keep memorizing his lines and marks. He even had to handle the 8 minute opening performance, in which he will sing and dance. However he would not reveal any detail yet. Ronald joked that this time he would be a volunteer, thus he was the only host. His wife will attend but his children will not, as he will not look good if they will fall asleep.

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