Tuesday, March 14, 2017


courtesy of on.cc

Jessica Kan Suk Yi and Kabby Hui Nga Ting yesterday attended the Hong Kong International Film and Television Market to promote their new supernatural film. Jessica said, "The director said my eyes looked evil, which I didn't mind when I got to make a movie. This time I originally had a lot of lines, in the end only one was left. No spoiler so you have to see it for yourselves!"

Hui Nga Ting revealed that in the film she and Bryant Mak Chi Lok had an intimate scene. She said, "I wore a tank top and he was topless. He was very well built but very shy. Big by shy gusy are pretty good!" In charge of the company's Hong Kong business, Ha Yu said, "The company will discover even more new directors. I want to do something for Hong Kong film! (Aren't you busy with both on and off screen work?) I am very busy, but I make the most money from being on screen. For now I won't give up acting!"

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