Sunday, March 26, 2017


After living with So Sze Wong for 12 years, Elaine Jin realizes gender makes no difference in true love.
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Nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress with MAD WORLD (YUT LIM MO MING), Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling) yesterday appeared on a radio interview. Already her tenth Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress nomination, she admitted that she would like to win this time.

Although Kam Yin Ling won the Golden Horse Award Best Supporting Actress 22 years later, she has not won with the same movie in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Thus this time she really obviously wants to win. "For every movie no matter the size of the role, I would perform with all my heart. After each movie, the nomination is the goal. With the nomination of course I want to win. Earlier with PEOPLE'S HERO (YUN MUN YING HUNG) and PORT OF CALL (DAP HUET CHUM MUI) I was nominated for the Golden Horse Award and the Hong Kong Film Award, but I have never won both with one movie. I of course want to, but I don't dare to think too much about it."

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