Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Pinky Cheung fully supports her on screen husband Ai Wai
Lawrence Chou and Rachel Lam make a fresh team
Producer Chun Ka Chun praises Ai Wai for "having substance, experience and sincerity"
courtesy of mingpao.com
Rachel Lam and Ai Wai
Lisa Ch'ng injures her leg on a trip
courtesy of on.cc

Ai Wai, Rachel Lam Hei Tung and Lisa Ch'ng Si Ming two nights ago attended the film L.A. LOL (NGOR LO POR MEI GIT FUN) premiere. The film would only be at three cinemas locally. Ai Wai said that he was still confident and admitted that this time he answered to his mother as a lead actor. "She is always comparing me to Chow Yun Fat. She of course doesn't understand how amazing Chow Yun Fat is. She says that Chow Yun Fat went to Hollywood to make movies. This time I kind of went to Hollywood to make the movie. Of course if in the future I can win an award or two, like the oldest rookie award, she would be even happier!"

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