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Congratulatons! Andy Lau Tak Wa in January went to shoot a commercial in Thailand, fell off a horse, broke his pelvis and had to take a medical charter back to Hong Kong for treatment. After almost two months Wa Ja yesterday was finally released from the hospital. Wa Jai yesterday around 8AM shared the good news on his official site to keep people from worrying about him. He also consoled everyone with "I will be able to stand up very soon".

Wa Jai's company yesterday issued a statement and revealed that Wa Jai's recovery has been rather smooth. He followed the doctor's orders and was able to be released from the hospital at any time. Then he would continue the next age of rehabilitation and treatment. At this time they thanked friends, family, fans and the media for their concern, the doctor in charge and the entire medical team for their professional treatment and passionate contributions.

Wa Jai also yesterday morning through his official site posted a blog entry to his family of fans.
"I am home.....
Yesterday I was doing physicals all day!
By the evening the examination results came back......
In the hospital room I
quietly sat in the wheel chair
peacefully listened to the doctor's explanation
the doctor talked and talked......
I did not hear anything until
he said,
'You can go home!'
I almost jumped up to hug the doctor,
but I was unable to at the time
Dear family
my pelvis recovery has been ideal
vertebral fracture, sciatic nerve system,
muscles and tendons have already gradually recovered
everything starts to be sunny! Don't worry......
At this home
my family and I would like to
thank all the friends in the media
for during this period
providing me with ample space to recover
the media's support of me
I can see and sense
the posts at home
I would read once everyday
every well wish
every urging
has been my miracle pill
Trust me!!
I will be able to stand up very soon!
Wa Jai"

Wa Jai also posted a new photo. After almost 2 months in recovery he looked much more rested. Although for now he still was not able to stand up, Wa Jai said that "I will be able to stand up very soon!"

Sammi Cheng Sau Man cheered him on on social media. "Wa Jai Go! Go! Go! We support you! Another step on the road to recovery, keep going!"

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