Friday, March 3, 2017


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Dayo Wong Tze Wah and Charmaine Sheh Sze Man yesterday started production on their film DUNG DUK DUT GUNG (STAND UP SPECIAL AGENT). After seven years they worked together again, Tze Wa stated that he had no box office pressure. However Ah Sheh was a "hundred million" female star, he did not want to affect Ah Sheh's "hundred million reputation". They continued their mischievous nature when they met again, first they had a war of words. Tze Wah arrogantly said, "Seven years to you have been short, to me they were very long. You should be happy, you didn't see me in seven years." Ah Sheh replied, "Aren't you happier, you didn't have to pay for dinner for seven years." Tze Wah said, "Today I only brought an empty wallet, haha."

As for intimate scenes in the film, Tze Wah said, "I am very passive, the audience probably wants to see even more passionate scenes. (Do you have any fight scene?) I am under Ah Sheh's employment, I even have to spend all of Ah Sheh's money. (Do you have any romance?) Ah Sheh and I are already a couple as soon as we get together, we don't need to do anything more. (Do you have any intimate scene?) It's not what everyone thinks, we are very profound. We aren't average, the average away to me is not even worth mentioning."

Tze Wah put all of his effort on the script. He revealed that originally the production would have started in January already, but the script just kept being worked on. Now it is already in its tenth draft. Ah Sheh joked that she thought it was only the sixth. Tze Wah said, "I hope to make the script its most 'handsome' and perfect before giving it to Ah Sheh. The story has both something that is very domestic and not. (How not?) I am 007's mentor but I don't have a number. How not would you say that is." Ah Sheh in the film played a high ranking person. Ah She stressed that it was only the performance of a position and had no projection or political elements. She would appear in a new look. Would they have any box office pressure together? Ah Sheh said, "The box office is beyond our control, we have a god class screen writer." Tze Wah said, "I am used to having no box office, so I don't have any pressure at all; but Ah Sheh is a 'hundred million" female star', I can't affect her 'hundred million reputation'. However Ah Sheh has been very lucky, with her even Cha Siu tastes even more delicious. She will shine on all of us."

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