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Jackie Chan has made protecting the environment a part of his life
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Jackie Chan yesterday appeared in Shanghai for the "Eye of the World, Jackie Chan Treasures" recycled art exhibit opening ceremony. The exhibit will take place until May 20 at the Shanghai World Financial Center. Over 20 Mainland artists spent over 180 days to bring an art heaven from film refuse. Jackie Chan said that in his 20's he lived very extravagantly. Later he saw a little girl using a very small cup of water to wash her face and feet. He was so touched that now protecting the environment came first in everything he did.

The opening ceremony had an eye catching slogan of "redesign, reuse". The dancers wore costumes came from film, and the film production equipment formed launch set up all revealed this exhibit's "happy environmental protection" them.

Jackie Chan said that whether at work or in life he was an "environmental protection star". He not only supported environment protection with his action but also motivated everyone around him to join the cause. The big screen showed Jackie Chan's environmental protection deeds around the world, which led to everyone's applause. Jackie Chan said, "In comparison to action scenes in the film, environmental protection is even harder. From the start people around me didn't understand either. Actually it's just like charity work, environmental protection is not a show. I started with me, from Jackie Chan's Stuntman Association on, little by little, slowly I affected even more people. The strength of one person was very limited, but when everyone did it together, the strength was infinite."

Jackie Chan admitted that in his 20's he once lived a very extravagant life. He said, "Once at a poverty stricken village, I saw a little girl used a very small cup of water to wash her face and feet. I was deeply touched, city people were truly too wasteful. Now the soap that I have used follows me around the world, my slippers go from the flight to the hotel then back to the flight. Environmental protection has already become a habit in my life." He even said that he seemed to have an obsessive compulsive disorder, "When I see the chairs are out of order, I want to fix them."

As for this exhibit, Jackie Chan said, "Film productions sometimes are very unfriendly to the environment. I would store those props and equipment that were used at the warehouse. Later artist friends visited me at the office. I gave them those old props and production equipment. They put their creativity to use and gave these so-called 'trash' a chance to be reused, as they made them into piece after piece of artwork. I thought it was very interesting. I hope through this exhibit for even more people to fall in love with protecting the environment and live happily."

This exhibit is in seven parts. In the first part, you can try direct a film; in the "welcome speech", Big Brother Jackie Chan explains the environmental protection concept through videos; "Jackie's Studio" exclusively unveils Jackie Chan's on set rules and shows variety film waste's original use on the set. You can try to be an actor too and experience a scene with "Jackie Chan". In "Jackie's landfill" you can see some of the already recycled waste as artwork; "Jackie's Special Effect" lets you experience special effects; "Jackie's VIP Hall" brings you through the hall of art and experience film waste in its new life; "Your attitude" lets the audience participate in the delivering the environmental protection message and complete the environmental protection artwork group.

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