Friday, March 17, 2017


Lin Ming-Chen
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Babyjohn Choi teaches pedestrians how to deal with vampires
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Vampire sightings in Shau Kei Wan? New film VAMPIRE CLEAN UP DEPARTMENT (GAU GEUNG CHING DOH FU) earlier arranged for two "vampires" to promote in the Shau Kei Wan pedestrian subway and a "victim" to be "eaten". In the end not only pretty girls were scared out of their wits, even big men and uncles turned around and ran.

VAMPIRE lead actor Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik said, "I have seen a lot of that before, overseas pedestrians were scared out of their minds. However I never thought about sending people running when I did it. Actually I am sorry to make people mistake that someone was hurt or attacked, but I want to thank those who played along with me and catch vampires together." Finally Babyjohn invited pedestrians to stick fu on the two vampires to subdue them and calmed everyone down.

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