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The 41st Hong Kong International Film Festival press conference yesterday announced that this year the opening film will be the Pang Ho Cheung directed LOVE OFF THE CUFF (CHUN GIU GAU JI MING). The closing film will be the Giddens Ko directed MON MON MON MONSTERS. The 15 day long film festival selected over 230 films from 65 countries. 69 were world, international or Asian premieres. This year in memory of the 10th anniversary of director Edward Yang's passing, the special presentation "Edward Yang, 10 Year Commemoration" would bring back 7 films including the just restored TAIPEI STORY and A BRIGHTER SUMMER DAY. In addition, many internationally renowned directors will visit Hong Kong, including the Cannes Film Festival Best Director, France's Olivier Assayas and Berlin Film Festival Silver Bear Alfred Bauer prize winner, Polish director Agnieszka Holland.

Yesterday guests included Pang Ho Cheung, Giddens Ko, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Shawn Yue Man Lok and Tsai Fan-Xi. LOVE OFF THE CUFF's leads Yue Man Lok and Yeung Chin both looked forward to the premiere. Chin Wa's deepest impression was from a special effect scene that the director wanted after her break up. She had to look at the sky and see what would appear and use her imagination to react. It took four hours. Without the camera next to her, outsiders would think that she was mentally ill.

Lok Jai said that the film added many major scenes, but also had bed scenes. Would he show his girlfriend? Lok Jai said that she was not in Hong Kong. Chin Wa joked that she could watch it anywhere around the world and even in the universe. Would she mind that her other half would watch her bed scene performance? Chin Wa said, "When Mr. Ting (Real Ting) met me he already knew I was an artist. He would only say, 'Lose weight Old Lady', he did not want me to look like Ma. Our relationship is about trust, he would even ask close friends to book a show to watch my movie in support!" Lok Jai also said, "My girlfriend has seen the two previous movies, she didn't say whether she liked them or not. She knew it was work!" Would he need to warn her? Lok Jai said, "If I have to warn her about that I am done for, it's so minor. Keep calm. What do you think our Yeung Chin Wa is? Is she so cool?" Chin Wa said that actually the bed scene that Pang Ho Cheung made was only rolling around in bed. Lok Jai answered, "There was no 'bang bang bang'!" Chin Wa heard that and said that she had low blood sugar and needed cola. Lok Jai joked that perhaps the director was lazy too and just went with rolling around a few times.

Giddens Ko's new film MON MON MON MONSTERS will be this year's closing film. He said that Hong Kong has been great to him. Earlier he had a little success and had to show his appreciation. Thus he felt very honored as well.

Speaking of his YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE was the highest grossing Hong Kong Chinese film in history until last year when COLD WAR 2 (HONG JIN 2) broke the record, Giddens Ko replied, "That's great, I grew up watching Hong Kong films. It's incredible that the box office record was held for several years, but it wouldn't be too regrettable. I am already too lucky!" Did he see COLD WAR 2? Giddens Ko said that it was great, it felt very era spanning. His new film MON also span an era and was also Edko distributed. Was he confident that it would become the box office champion again? Giddens Ko said that the pressure has already ended because during the shoot he did not think it was entertaining. After editing it should become very entertaining. Thus the challenge has ended. He wanted to see the audience reaction through this film festival and he could still have time to fix anything bad. The film will open on July 28th in Taiwan and he hoped that it will be released simultaneously in Hong Kong.

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