Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Philip Keung's wife Anna Gam bring heir dogs to visit him on the set
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Philip Keung Ho Man earlier worked on a film on the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui. The "lead actor" did not hold back as he not only appeared dirty but also lay on the streets and climbed onto a fountain. He was rather anxious about his performance, after each take he would watch the playback immediately.

That day he had to shoot a crying scene. Before taking his mark he stood alone to cultivate his emotions. The crew did not dare to disturb him. Later he went into a vehicle to get into the mood and soon he posted a tearful photo on Instagram, before he took the mark his emotions were already ready!

He was able to cry at a moment's notice because his dog was sick and had to be hospitalized for treatment. He was very worried and he thought of his dog while cultivating emotions. When his wife Anna Gam Wai Ying brought their dogs to visit the set, he finally flashed a smile. His wife came to cheer him on but also let him spend some time with the soon to be hospitalized dog. Keung Ho Man said that his wife and dogs were his motivation, the reasons that he insisted on making good movies.

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