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Philip Ng Won Lung in the film THE COLOR OF THE GAME (HAK BAK MAI GUNG) played a mob thug Ko Tin, who followed mob boss Big Wa (Simon Yam Tat Wa) into dangerous missions for the organization. In the film Philip excelled in blades and is known for his speed with them, thus he had many fight scenes.

Philip personally performed all the stunts, even when he was hurt he was not deterred as he insisted on continuing the shoot. Philip said, "In one scene I had to fight with the (Ken) Law Ho Ming played mob thug in quite a very ferocious scene. In one scene Law Ho Ming grabbed me and broke my broke. The scene was very cruel! Law Ho Ming has a boxing background and a lot of muscles. Any mishap in that scene would have truly ended up in a broken arm! Luckily we were prepared before the shoot and repeatedly rehearsed many time to avoid any accident. In the end he result was also very realistic."

Director Kam Ka Wai was very pleased with action director and actor Philip. "I hope to have the blood boiling feeling in these fight scenes, so visually I wanted to send 'blood and flesh flying'. Philip very attentively designed and directed all the action scenes for me, and constantly rehearsed with other actors. During the shoot he even kept improving the stunts for he visuals to be even more realistic."

Did Philip truly "see red" during the shoot? He said, "Everyone would go all out in our fight scenes in order to be realistic. Several times we had accidents that ended up in nosebleeds. After they stopped we continued to shoot. When I watched the playback I couldn't tell what was real blood and what was fake!"

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