Monday, September 25, 2017


Tiffany Hsu says that she is emotionally exhausted from the film
Andrew Lam grabs Tiffany Hsu's hand, refuses to let go and pretends to kiss it
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Taiwan star Tiffany Hsu two nights ago attended her new film audience appreciation event. She was rather pleased that the film made over HK$ 1 million in 3 days. She said that she was emotional exhausted from the shoot and thus would not participate in the next film. She even "complained" that the director Ching Wei-Hao was rather deranged, asking her to look bony in the film. Thus she lost 4 kilograms. During the 35 day shoot she did not have a full meal. When others ate she could only hide in a corner.

Her friend Ruby Lin said that she never introduced a guy to her because no one could compare to her husband Wallace Huo. Tiffany Hsu said, "It doesn't matter, she really is very lucky. Her husband treats her very well. When we are together we see each other pleasantly, we don't care who is introducing who. I am in no hurry anyway. (What are you looking for?) When I get the feeling then it's the right one, I have to have a guy with shoulders." Andrew Lam Man Chung appeared as a surprise guest, praised Tiffany Hsu's acting and hoped that they would have a chance to work together. When they shook hand he even pretended to kiss it.

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