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With the right script, Kara Wai would be interested in returning to TVB
Kara Wai admits that the older she gets, the less confidence she has in making action films
Kara Wai has many scenes with Malaysian Best Actor Faizal
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Best Actress Kara Wai Ying Hung in this month's release MRS. K plays a retired robber who settles in Malaysia. Because the loot's whereabouts is unknown, her entire family becomes the target. Finally she begins ferociously fighting against her enemies. In the heat of the summer she worked on location there for over two months, Siu Hung admitted that she used up a lot more energy. The scene that originally took one day took two to shoot.

Speaking of her Malaysian Best Actor Faizal Hussein, Siu Hung has many scenes with him and remembers shooting on the streets during rush hour. "That scene was shot without permission. When I ran into the streets I really had to watch out for cars myself. As soon as we got out to the streets we ran." She said that Faizal is a dramatic actor, so the action scenes made him sick. She worked out with three coaches three months before the shoot began. "I am OK physically. The toughest is to jump down to the underpass, because of the height I needed wires. I had to put on the wires first then my clothes, run for awhile before jumping. Each time I jumped I really wanted to quit, I really was out of energy."

Since she started she has made over 40 years of action films, Siu Hung earlier already announced that this film would be her last action film. "Actually I hope to give myself a promise, my bones are bad and I don't want to keep going. The action may no be as pretty with a stunt double." She said that this was already the third time she and director Ho Yuhang worked together. Six years ago she already promised him that she would participate in the action film. "At the time I just finished WU XIA, thinking that at age 52 I would be OK. However he kept changing the script, so I gave him an ultimatum. When I turn 57 I wouldn't make it. Mainly as I get older, my confidence falls. I am starting to get less gutsy."

Siu Hung has not made a series again in years. Would she return home to TVB for a drama after retiring from fight films? She said, "I have never said that I wouldn't. Maybe they don't have any suitable script they haven't contacted me, or maybe I am not that cheap."

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