Monday, September 25, 2017


To be TOP FEMALE FORCE, Lin Min-Chen injures her toe and Jeana Ho bruises her calf
Hidy Yu, Lin Min-Chen, Jade Leung, Jeana Ho, Jade Lin
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Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Lin Min-Chen, Hidy Yu Hiu Tung and Jade Leung Jung two nights ago attended the film TOP FEMALE FORCE (LAT GAING BA WONG FA 2 BUT YI JI JIN) wrap banquet in Macau. The group of pretty girls were all scarred up for the movie, the entire film even used over 4,000 bullets as the production was rather realistic! Earlier injuring her toe during training, Lin Min-Chen said that her condition has already improved a lot. This time the most memorable was working with the stunt team. "In one scene I had to flip backward then grab the stunt man's neck, we then would flip together. I was very afraid of making him impotent! Luckily he's male, haha!" She also admitted that because the training schedule was tight, a lot of the stunt performance were less than perfect but added even more realism. "We finished an impossible mission and felt very satisfied." Playing a cop for the first time, Hidy revealed that she applied for the police force but gave up at the last minute.

Jeana had a big bruise on her right calf. She described herself as "injured all over". How did her boyfriend Philip Yung Tsz Kwong react? She said, "He isn't in Hong Kong. He just asked me, 'You guys fight pretty hard?'" She revealed that the shoot was rather stressful. She hid in the mobile bathroom and cried. "After the wrap I cried, I hoped the release the film would perform well and have a celebration! I originally wanted to put up some bullet shells for keep sake, luckily the crew yelled at me. I didn't know it was illegal!" She also said that she would first rest for two weeks. "I have to pick up the piece to look like a person again!" She would then work on her boyfriend's new film.

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