Thursday, September 7, 2017


In the hail of bullets, Patrick Tam is injured from a shell
Patrick Tam works on a gun fight scene with Sharon Luk and Jade Leung
Patrick Tam insists on finishing the scene before the crew treats him
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Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Jade Leung Jung, Sharon Luk Sze Wan, Michael Tong Man Lung and band lead singer and Candy Lo Hau Yam's husband Sammy So Ho Choi earlier worked on the Charlie Wong Wing Fung produced new film TOP FEMALE FORCE (LAT GAING BA WONG FA 2). The shoot took place in the sweltering heat before a storm, the team were already sweating bullets soon after arrival. The film company already applied for a real gun shoot with the appropriate government agencies.

With a M117 rifle, Ah Tam became "Rambo possessed" with Tong Man Lung and others exchanged fire with "robber" Sammy. Shells and shrapnel flew and accidentally hit the fully focused on the shoot Ah Tam's lips. To keep from hindering progress, he finished the scene. After the camera stopped he realized that his lips were bloodied. The crew immediately treated Ah Tam's wound and praised his professionalism. Ah Tam said, "It's very minor, no big deal. Everyone can relax, the film company has an insurance policy for me."

Ah Tam hoped everything would be perfect for this performance. He even provided suggestions for details like character names. He said, "I really like this character, I even came up with the character name. The screen writers at first didn't give me a name and only said I was 'Tam Sir', but in one scene I had to introduce myself. So I came up with 'Tam Ka Ming". First I really like my brother's 'Ming" (Tam Yiu Man's brother Tam Yiu Ming), then the Tam Ka Ming directed AFTER THIS OUR EXILE (FU JI) was quite a classic. I borrowed such a beautiful name from the director." Speaking of playing a righteous police captain, he said that it was drastically different from his usual villains. Ah Tam admitted that the most important was for the audience to like it. "I have several movies on the way. I will spend more time in Hong Kong. The happiest part is I can spend more time with the children."

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