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Sammi Cheng Sau Man and Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin starred in MURDER IN SAN JOSE (SING HO SAI MAU SAT ON). After 14 years they reunited again and had many scenes together. Their emotional scenes added a lot of pressure to them. Sammi said, "Actually Ah Sa's and my characters are very demanding! We have to interpret the hidden ugly human nature. With such rich layers in the character, to me it is very challenging."

Ah Sa humbly said, "This film don't have any big scene or outrageous twist, as it purely relies on the actors' abilities to draw in the audience. Whenever important scenes are shot, everyone have to work hard to avoid emotional distraction. Sammi and (Tong) Dawei's characters are very complicated, with a lot of emotional scenes; my character is simpler, but the story in the end would become very heavy."

The team went to Vancouver, Canada and San Jose, U.S.A. for location shoots, then returned to Hong Kong and Shenzhen to complete the remaining scenes. Director Calvin Poon Yuen Leung took the team to North America, which Sammi said was extremely helpful to the actors with getting into characters. "When a group of people goes to a different place, human nature would create different degree of change -- which may be good or bad. This is one of the themes that the original script wanted to bring out. I feel that everyone during the shoot changed a little, maybe with less trivial matters. In addition director Poon Yuen Leung was very attentive, the team became very focused."

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