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MC Jin and Jackie Chan
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The film THE FOREIGNER earlier held a national film national cinema circuit introduction event in Qingdao. "King of Kung Fu" Jackie Chan flew to Qingdao to promote his film. "King of Chinese Hip Hop" MC Jin also came to support his idol Big Brother Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan even revealed that he would be interested in directing a drama.

Big Brother even claimed that he was from Shandong (Jackie Chan's family came from Yantai, Shandong) and even spoke in Yantai dialect, which cracked up the audience. This was Big Brother Jackie Chan's first cinema circuit introduction event. "This was my first time, so I made the trip from the U.S. I arrived in Qingdao at 5AM. This is a very special film, a very solemn and very tragic story. It is very touching, unlike any of my previous action comedy. I want everyone to know that Jackie Chan can not only play comedy but also different genre movies. In the future I may even personally direct a drama."

As a 2016 Lifetime Achievement Oscar award winner, Big Brother Jackie Chan has already won all the honors. However Big Brother was not pleased with himself. He said, "When I received the Oscar I was very happy, but after returning to the hotel and putting down the award this page has become the past." When he learned that in the audience were all national cinema circuit bosses, Jackie Chan expressed his appreciation to them. "Thank you very much everyone for your support all along, thank you very much to our Chinese film viewers for your love for me. Because of you, I am respected around the world. When I went to Hollywood to make movies, as soon as the U.S. called I had to fly from Hong Kong and even waited for them to see me. Now I no longer have to contact Hollywood. When the U.S. wants to work with me they would personally fly to Hong Kong to discuss it with me. Because of everyone's support, now Hollywood is waiting for me to meet with them."

Speaking of this collaboration, MC Jin said that he was very honored. "Now it still feels like a dream, when I was little one of my favorite things was hip hop and the other was Big Brother Jackie Chan's movies. This collaboration brought two of my favorite things together, I truly am very happy. I am very honored to be able to present this song to everyone and to Big Brother Jackie Chan." Big Brother Jackie Chan added, "MC Jin really is my super fan. He can remember every one of my movies, many lines from them. Even his secret code when he talks with his son is RUSH HOUR."

After the event, Jackie Chan and MC Jin met with fans. Big Brother Jackie Chan could not hide his excitement and even sang the promotional song from THE FOREIGNER, ORDINARY PERSON. Jackie Chan said that he really liked the verse "This world has a lot of cruelty" because he personally changed it to encourage the fight against terrorism. After performing the song, MC Jin performed his latest plug ZERO.

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