Friday, May 1, 2020


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DaDa Chan Jing earlier appeared on ViuTV's HER FILM HER STORY program and talked about her ten year experience in the film industry, how she started with host and drawing with Susanna Ho Ka Lai.

DaDa pointed out that drawing was a way for her to relieve stress. When she finished her second movie she already had depression. "In show business protecting my private life is very hard. At work I have to face a lot of people. I wasn't mature enough to handle it, so I suppressed it. In addition since childhood I only told the good news and not the bad, I didn't dare to tell my family. When my insomnia was diagnosed as depression, it was very hard to take but I was grateful to learn to share with my family. Our relationship has become intimate."

She brought several drawing that were mainly black, one was of a blue sky and crystal sea with two people on a walk. She said that at the time she was in love. "When I focus on drawing I wouldn't think too much, I leave all the hardship and trouble behind. Each drawing recorded my feeling at the time."

DaDa now has already learned to relieve her stress. Yet she remained serious with every character portrayal. She said that in order to bring life to a character, "life" was very important. Did she have to date a little to perform relationship scene, and did she have a lot of dating experience? DaDa said, "I have a lot because I have the need. For awhile I wasn't dating, I didn't want all the rumors as I wanted to focus on work. However I realized living like that was a little off, if real life lacked these elements how would I perform. Also I couldn't lose touch with these feelings for too long. However when I date a man would live in my heart, and I am someone who puts work first. So I don't really want to date."

DaDa has already been in the business for over a decade. Was her thought of retiring still around? DaDa admitted, "I am someone who needs family. I used to want to get married by 26, have children by 27. However I have passed that. This year I am 30, I would let it to fate. I can't guarantee that I won't get married in a flash. After marriage I would definitely put family first, then I wouldn't have any lingering doubt!"

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