Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Sammo Hung's daughter in law Janet Chow says that his diet has been much healthier than before and he has no health problem.
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Alan Tam Wing Lun earlier posted two photos with "Big Brother Big" Sammo Hung Kam Bo on social media. Alan praised Hung Kam Bo for his culinary skills. "This afternoon Big Brother Hung personally cooked several of his specialties, it really is delicious......" However the internet focus was on the 68 year old Hung Kam Bo's "shrinkage", in the photo Alan looked "bigger" than Hung Kam Bo but it might be an angle issue. In the other photo was Big Brother Big's side view, from which he indeed looked much slimmer. He was full of smile and in rather good spirit.

Hung Kam Bo in recent years due to kneecap issue had surgery, from which he had to use wheel chair and crutches to recover. He also began his weight loss program for his health as he started to pay attention to his diet.

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