Wednesday, May 13, 2020


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Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Eman Lam and director Norris Wong Yi Lam yesterday promoted their film and theme song MY PRINCE EDWARD (GUM DOH) on the radio. Stephy said that she has not promoted a song on radio for 5 years. She took advantage of the opportunity to work with Eman Lam, who started in the business the same year she did. Eman revealed that she once thought about writing a song for Stephy, unfortunately she was unable to get it into her hands. Would Stephy return to music? She pointed out that she wanted to wait for Eman's work, Eman joked that she would hand it over tomorrow.

As for working with boyfriend Prince Chiu musically, she said, "Everyone's genres are different, his mainly are dance songs. (You can dance too.) Haha, that's ancient history; don't mention it. (Has he seen the new film?) He saw the advanced screening in Taiwan." How long have they not seen each other? Stephy said, "Since after the closure, after the New Year we haven't seen each other. (Are you in a hurry for the closure to be lifted?) I am not in a hurry to see him, I am in a hurry for the pandemic to pass and for everyone to be healthy. (Do you miss him?) OK, he has a movie release lately. When I see it I can see him."

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