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Kenny Kwan Chi Bun in the Emperor Motion Picture THE FALLEN (DOR LOK FA) had a dark and complex character and had daring love scenes with Irene Wan Bik Ha, Ashina Kwok Yik Sum and others. Although the role was beyond difficult, he was not stumped. He said, "In the past few years I have played different characters in the Mainland. They were very different from my past handsome image. I have played mentally ill, Wise Guy and all, so I tossed that idol baggage pretty far! However when we shot my scene with Ashina, many people were around and it didn't have any feeling of sex. Yet during the screening I couldn't help but go 'wow'! (How was Ashina's performance?) She was very wild, she wouldn't be indecisive. As soon as the cameras rolled she performed, without any baggage at all. This for a new comer or an actress isn't easy."

As for his favorite scene, he pointed out that it was a scene with Irene Wan Bik Ha. "My character has very large mood swings. In one scene after I was very upset, I instantly turned back into a child, hug my sister and whined. I thought of many ways to handle this scene, so I had a very deep impression of it."

Last year was like a roller coaster ride for Kenny. Boy'z originally had a Hong Kong Coliseum concert, but because Steven Cheung Chi Hung was caught in a "n-angle" affair it was scrapped. Luckily he was able to perform a concert of his own. Was he mad at Cheung Chi Hung? "I really wasn't, it's in the past. I still treat him like a little brother, nothing's changed. (Did you tell him to grow up?) I always do, 20 years ago I already started telling him."

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