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The Irene Wan Bik Ha, Alice Chan Wai, Kenny Kwan Chi Bun, Eddie Chan (Ai Wai), Ashina Kwok Yik Sum, Hanna Chan starred film THE FALLEN (DOR LOK FA) yesterday officially opened. THE FALLEN was selected for the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, the Osaka Asian Film Festival and the Golden Koala International Chinese Film Festival; Irene even won the Ireland Silk Road International Film Festival Best Actress, the first Best Actress award in her life! Irene shared a very special shot from the film. "The shot was a straight take, my character after taking drugs went out and saw a group of people in a fight. The camera was in a daze along with me. The cinematographer used a hand held technique to twist the camera. The first few takes were already great, but to be perfect we did 6 or 7. It was the shot that had the most takes in the entire film." Irene worked with director Lee Cheuk Pan for the first time but they already had a connection. Everyone had a mutual understanding and the result naturally was great!

In this scene, the Eddie Chan (Ai Dik) played Uncle Fire dealt with the Alice Chan Wai played Narcotics Bureau officer. Wai Gor despite years in the business rarely met her fate in the dramatic world. She said, "I never imagined that as soon as I had to 'die', I would have to 'die' in such an extreme way. The crew poured several liters of blood on me. It was very gory but the blood actually tasted very sweet!" Extreme in the film and joyous outside, she even performed a reunion as Wai Gor has known Irene since she was young! "Before I competed in Miss Asia, around age 18 I already had contacts with her at work. At this reunion, Irene joked, 'That was you!' Irene truly has maintained herself very well!"

In recent years Wai Gor rarely took part in movies. Some praised her for being drastic different from how she usually appeared in television series, which was extremely refreshing! "I haven't made a movie in awhile, I needed to explore a little. The director spent a very long time to adjust the pace for me. The dialogue delivery speed was drastically different from usual. Although I only had several scenes every scene had variations!" She looked forward to making more movies and keep bringing new impact to the audience. "In series I often play bosses, big sisters, in the film world I can have more variations. I long to work with different creators, which would be able to set off even more new spark. For example I rarely come in contact with comedy. The most important is to create an all new impression of Chan Wai for the big screen!"

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