Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Anthony Wong jokes that he might as well be dead in Hong Kong, without any food, job or money.
Anthony Wong posts his calligraphy and reveals he is in Taiwan

Anthony Wong's half brothers once suggest for him to regain his British citizenship
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Best Actor Anthony Wong Chau Sun two nights ago on social media revealed that he was in Taiwan in preparation for a Taiwan drama production. He was in 14 day self isolation, which led to rumors that he would immigrate to Taiwan. Chau Sun in the past often talked about how much he liked Taiwan as he spent a lot of time there on vacation. In an interview he mentioned that over a decade ago he already planned to invest in a bar in Taipei with friends. When he flew to Taiwan he would personally go to the bar and sometimes even helped out behind the bar. On the night of David Tao's wedding he brought friends to the bar for the after party, as it was a hot spot for many Taiwan artists.

Chau Sun once recounted what he liked about Taiwan. The city was green and very pretty, the people were clean, polite, mild mannered, he felt very comfortable to make friends with people in Taiwan. The average person would not randomly run out to take photos of him. Although the salary would be less than Hong Kong, he did not mind as he felt that being able to make movies in Taiwan would be great.

In a phone interview Wong Chau Sun admitted that he was considering emigrated from Hong Kong. He said, "Now I don't have any personal safety, no sense of security, the government can't protect you. Everyone is living in fear."

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