Friday, July 2, 2021


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The 60 year old "Stephen Chow Sing Chi favorite" Lee Kin Yan two years ago suffered a stroke in Shenzhen, from which he became paralyzed and lost the ability to speak. At the time his life was hanging by a thread as he required brain surgery. Then he had pneumonia and needed to return to Hong Kong for treatment.

Appearing for the first time after the stroke, he was obviously thinner but in decent spirits. Three months ago through the introduction of good friend Tin Kai Man he actively accepted physical therapy and the progress has been good. Under the guidance of his physical therapist he performed muscle strengthening exercises. He also used a cane to walk forward step by step. The therapist also gave a thumbs up as encouragement.

Lee Kin Yan's wife Ida revealed that he lost over 80 pounds in recent years. At first when he had the stroke the condition was less than ideal. He was unable to relieve himself on his own. Due to his inability to speak, communication was difficult. He would easily get frustrated and throw tantrums. Now he is very grateful to be able to take care of himself. She said, "He still is speaking too clearly right now, and communicate with gestures. Right now he is standing up step by step and hopes to have a chance to make movies again." His son Lee Cheuk Hung also said that acting was Papa's wish.

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