Saturday, July 24, 2021


The 32 year old Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress DaDa Chan Jing earlier signed a 3 year extension with her manager of over 10 years Celia See Chi Lim and pocketed 7 figures. She even signed three film deals with Louis Koo Tin Lok and put the "3 no" policy into action: no marriage, no dating, no children to focus her firepower on the film industry!

Winning the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress in 2013 with the film VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET), Chan Jing turned from sexy "pseudo model" to film industry rising star. In recent years she has focused her firepower on big screen development while at the same time persisted on her principle of rather too little than too much, taking only roles with potential. Earlier in order to the pregnant working woman in THE SECRET DIARY OF A MOM TO BE she gained 20 pounds. the film finally was selected for the Tokyo International Film Festival's "Asian Future" segment.

Reportedly, Chan Jing's contract with her manager of over 10 years See Lim Chi has ended. Although earlier due to emotional problems she considered quitting entertainment and they had words, their relationship from years of working together remained unharmed. It even became better than before. Earlier she already signed a 3 year extension with See Lim Chi's One Cool Group for 7 figures. At the same time she also signed a 3 year film deal with Koo Tin Lok's One Cool Film, hoping with the assistance of two strong internet benefactors she would be able to expand her career. Determined to further herself in the film industry, in order to focus her firepower she even put into practice a "3 no" policy of no marriage, no childbirth and no dating!

Chan Jing yesterday spoke to Oriental Daily. "I thank See Lim Chi for being very tolerant and understanding of my rebelliousness and illness back then. She is a trustworthy family member. I completely sense her love and sincerity for me. I have always been loyal, I really want this relationship to continue on." As for the "3 no" policy, she joked, "I had no problem with no dating and no marriage over the years, making movies to me is bigger than everything. Without personal relationship, I can focus on doing what I like to do." See Lim Chi admitted the contract extension with Chan Jing. "Including the 3 year extension, we have worked together for 14 years. It's very rare. Our relationship is already no different from family."

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