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Irene Wan celebrates her birthday at a Central restaurant

Irene Wan's husband brings flowers and a kiss for his wife
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Irene Wan Bik Ha yesterday held her 55th birthday party. Her husband Ho Cho Kwong made an appearance, presented flower and a kiss to her to celebrate. Emperor Entertainment CEO Hui Pui Si also attended in person. Boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing gave her brand name luggage for her gift. Irene's birthday wish was for dreams to come true, for everyone to be happy and healthy, and for the pandemic to subside soon. however Irene declined to reveal if she had any dream. She only said that it was related to her personal work plan, because her film office's third film NGOR MOON DIK SUP BAK SHUI was her biggest dream. In the film Irene was the executive producer, producer and star as the adult version of "Elaine". Irene revealed, "The film has already been in preparation for 3 years. Based on a real life story, the cast and the crew can be considered the perfect team. The cast includes (Moses) Chan Ho as my boyfriend, Ti Lung and Candy Man Suet Yi as parents, and Lam Ting as the lead 'Elaine' younger version. Other actors include (Loletta) Lee Lai Chun, (Renci) Yeung Si Wing and others." Working in the sweltering summer, Irene said that she was already used to it. The film office in the future will continue to contribute to Hong Kong film and hope to win glory for Hong Kong. As for profit she has not thought much about it, she only wanted to make a sincere film.

Irene's previous film THE FALLEN (DOR LOK FA) was selected for many Asian film festivals and brought her the first Best Actress award. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, many viewers were unable to enjoy it at the movies. Irene revealed that the film would have a chance to be released again this year. Was she confident about winning another award with her new film NGOR? Irene said, "This subject is very touching, it will have a chance. It will open early next year, I want to wait until after the pandemic to release it."

Currently working on NGOR, she joked that perhaps the team knew about her birthday and arranged for a day off. Her husband and son Xavier already gave her their gifts, but she has not have the time to open them yet. She said, "Whatever they give doesn't matter, seeing them already makes me very happy. Thank you to my family the most for giving me their support and freedom. Today I would celebrate with a group of friends. Earlier I was busy with work and didn't have time to see everyone. With the birthday party we would be able to catch up." Earlier Irene shot a wedding gown scene and the team presented her with a cake to celebrate in advance with the cast.

Ti Lung and Man Suet Yi in the film played "Elaine's" parents. Both agreed that the last time they worked together was already over 40 years ago in a movie. However because they have known each other for years they would get together sometimes. Thus during the shoot they had plenty of chemistry.

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