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Liu Kai Chi attentively teaches Louise Wong about acting

With a famous instructor, Louise Wong's acting takes huge leaps forward
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Stepping foot into the film industry for the first time, Louise Wong Dan Nei in her big screen debut already had to play the stage king Anita Mui Yim Fong. Easier said than done, before Louise officially joined the production of ANITA (MUI YIM FONG), director Longman Leung and Edko film company invited three representatives of music, acting and dance to be Louise's instructors and conduct hellish singing, acting and dance training. These three mentors of Louise were the late and well recognized actor Dick Liu Kai Chi, master class music producer Chiu Tsang Hei, and famous choreographer Maverick Mak Chau Sing.

Liu Kai Chi won countless acting awards. He was even the Hong Kong Baptist University film academy's full time lecturer. Louise was fortunate enough to study acting with Uncle Chi before the production of ANITA. Louise gratefully said, "Acting wise I really thank Uncle Chi, my acting started from zero. He slowly spent a lot of time to understand me. He talked with me a lot in order to understand my inner world. He gave me many lessons so I could learn physical acting, reading scripts and other basic knowledge. Uncle Chi put a lot of heart into teaching me. His passion for and attitude toward acting are worthy of me learning from. He once said to me, after finishing each scene actors would always have regret. They would feel that they would be able to perform even better. We need to turn this regret into motivation, so we would be able to perform even better. I would always remember that."

Uncle Chi in class once said to Louise, "Conviction has to be very strong, you want to let the audience feel that you are real. The duty of an actor is to play the role well. First you need to know the character's background, you need to know what material inside you matches this character. The more material that matches your character you have, the easier you would be able to grasp the character. So you have to be very certain of yourself." Even though she would no longer have a chance to study with this mentor face to face, Louise admitted that she was fortunate to be able to be one of Uncle Chi's students. She would always remember this mentor.

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