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Sandra Ng shows support for Jer during the music video shoot
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The Sandra Ng Kwan Yu produced and starred film ZERO TO HERO (MA MA DIK SUN KEI SIU JI) will officially open on August 12th. The film was based on the real story of the Paralympic Games track and field gold medalist So Wa Wai.

Kwan Yu in the film played "Mama So". In order to get into her character more, she conversed with Mama So to get to know her. She said, "When playing someone, you need to have a very in depth understanding of her. Thus during the shoot, I got to know this 'good mama' deeply. Early on during the shoot I conversed with her many times, analyzed her life attitude. I also had a new view on being a 'good mama' from it."

After finishing the film, during the promotion Kwan Yu discovered that Mama So and Wai Jai's relationship was like a friendship. Their "friendship" affected her into considering how to get along with her own daughter anew. Kwan Yu said, "I hope this wonderful mama's might wouldn't just affect me alone. The best would be every parent after watching this film would be inspired by her persistence and never give up spirit, and even be able to experience the power of parents over their children's growth."

Kwan Yu also shared her view about the new generation, saying that they seemed not to care about winning or losing. "My daughter once told me that she won a handwriting contest. At the time I was very surprised! I asked her when would the award be presented, she said that she would skip it because she had to spend a lot of time after school to wait for the award. She said that she still had a lot of homework to do. I was shocked and said no way! You could let Mama attend the award ceremony with you, witness your trophy acceptance. I would be very proud. She said then let's go! If you want to come then come."

Meanwhile, Ng Kwan Yu invited MIRROR's Jer Lau Ying Ting to perform the film's theme song ROAD OF WONDER with the Hong Kong Children's Choir. Jer praised the children's singing to be as innocent and pure as angels. Earlier Jer and 63 choir members shot the music video. Kwan Yu made an appearance to show her support. Jer praised how touching the film was. "Mr. So Wa Wai was born flawed and became disabled, but it didn't mean he lost. He worked hard to tell people that he would win. Like me, I have never studied singing until I competed and joined MIRROR. I slowly took one step at a time to today."

In the film the "Wonder Kid" had Mama's support. Jer also had the family's silent support. "All along my family has been very supportive of me. When I quit everything to chase my dream, my family was suspicious but they chose to believe. They didn't give me any pressure. They would support me unconditionally. Everything I do is on my infinite loop online. My parents even learned to sing my songs, which is already very great support for me. I hope to shine brightly on this journey, I hope I can make them proud."

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