Wednesday, July 7, 2021


Phoebe Sin and Ruco Chan

Teresa Mo has three movies to make, which are like a dream for her
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Derek Mackesy says girlfriend Jessica Kan has a lot of good qualities

Vicky Chan, Teresa Mo

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Ruco Chan Jin Pang and his wife Phoebe Sin Man Yau, Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Derek Mackesy, Vivian Lai Shui Yun, Vicky Chan Wai Ki yesterday attended a product event yesterday. Mo Shun Kwan revealed that starting in August she would have 3 movies in productions in the second half of the year. She would play mothers in all of them.

During the pandemic Mo Shun Kwan was busy with her own online cooking channel. She revealed that in August she would have 3 film productions that would start in the second half of the year. In all 3 movies she would play mother roles. She said that all 3 had different subjects, their scripts were great as she liked them as soon as she read them. Running into 3 good scripts at once was like a dream come true. In addition she has not made a movie in a very long time, so she really looked forward to it. As for playing "Mama", Sister Mo did not mind at all. "I am several decades old, at this age of course I would play Ma. (You are still well maintained and a beautiful demon girl?) Those are just courteous words."

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