Tuesday, July 6, 2021


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Coffee Lam, Ling Man Lung, Lin Minchen
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Malaysian goddess Lin Minchen yesterday came to Hong Kong to attend the film YUEN MONG NAU DAN GEI (WISH CLAW MACHINE)'s production start and worship ceremony. She expressed that she really liked Hong Kong. "Hong Kong has a lot of good stuff to eat, my favorites are curry fish egg and dim sum. (Aren't you afraid of getting fat?) I am not worried, instead I don't have enough time to sleep." She pointed out that this time her character would gladly help others, much like her in real life. "I am always playing the mediator. Mama and Sister often have friction, I would be responsible to intervene. (But you are in Hong Kong, what would happen if they argue?) We would always have video chats, I also get to see my 3 year old niece." Claiming to be a "quarantine master", since the pandemic she still constantly traveled between Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia. She has been in quarantine for 7 times already. She said that she rather enjoyed it, "I can enjoy the alone time, play video games, exercise and cook."

Playing the male lead for the first time, Ling Man Lung in the film played a "Kennedy disease" patient and before hand he had exchanges with real patients. He joked that he had too few intimate scenes with Lin Minchen. "I get to hold hands but seemingly no kiss kiss! (Would you pursue her in real life?) No way, I am neither tall nor handsome enough."

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