Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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Rose Chan Ka Wun yesterday along with mother and manager Ronnie attended the film WOMAN KNIGHT OF MIRROR LAKE's Taiwan press conference.  The Taiwan media was rather concerned about the "molestation incident" and kept asking about it.  Rose seemed to be mentally prepared and kept her long missing smile.  Was her mood still affected?  She choked up and said that she indeed was upset but would continue to work to avoid affecting others.  Luckily the company added an assistant to keep her company and hoped that the outside would be able to give her and her family more space.  She also said that even after studying Wing Chun for three years she still was more style than substance.  "When something terrifying happens, I still wasn't able to respond in time.  I would be scared!"  Rose revealed after completing work in Hengdian she will head to Yunnan for another film GUONG FAI SHUI YUET with Eric Tsang Chi Wai and Felix Wong Yat Wa.  She pointed out that on this trip she wanted to visit the MONGA locations but she did not have time.

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