Wednesday, April 8, 2015


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Amber Kuo and Louis Koo cannot help but laugh during their romantic dance
Fans tell Amber Kuo and Louis Koo to "get together"
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Director James Yuen Sai Sun, stars Louis Koo Tin Lok, Amber Kuo and Candy Liu Ziyan yesterday attended the film PARIS HOLIDAY (BA LAI GA KEI)'s Beijing press conference. They shared their production experience. Although Amber Kuo yesterday just worked all night on another film in Hong Kong then rushed to Beijing, she still appeared rested.

Goo Jai and Amber were linked in rumor during the shoot, but they did not appear to be awkward at all at the press conference. Instead during the sticker game they traded their impression of the other. Amber picked out "warm guy", "Live in boyfriend" and "fake gay" for Goo Jai. Goo Jai in return picked "queen", "crazy woman" and "Miss Decadence" to describe her. Their interaction was very mischievous. Later they also danced romantically. Speaking of working together, they appreciated each other. Amber praised Goo Jai as a gentleman and funny, the "perfect lover", Goo Jai appeared to be a little embarrassed. The host asked them if shooting in Paris, the city of romance, was even more special? Goo Jai admitted the sometimes it did not feel like they were making a movie, as the emotions flowed very naturally. He also praised Amber's acting and for being prettier than the scenery, which made fans chanted "get together".

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