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Sammo Hung is just as enthusiastic when he talks about the past
Bruce Lee's kung fu skills have Sammo Hung almost worshipping him
Sammo Hung is in ENTER THE DRAGON
Jackie Chan poses for pictures during the Udine Far East Film Festival
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Film star Sammo Hung Kam Bo was a guest on the Maria Lai Chi San program TELLING MARIA. Two nights ago he not only shared how he met legendary film star Bruce Lee but also talked about growing up with Jackie Chan.

Hung Kam Bo said that over 20 years ago when he was making a film, he saw Bruce Lee visiting the set and immediately greeted him to express his appreciation. However Bruce Lee mistook him for making a challenge and thus they fought. Hung Kam Bo recalled, "At the time before my leg was lifted to my hip, Bruce Lee's foot was already on my face. I could only tell him, you were great." Later they worked together on ENTER THE DRAGON and became friends.

Speaking of his colleague Jackie Chan, Hung Kam Bo joked that he felt that he "deserved a beating" since childhood. However also because of that their relationship became deeper. "Our relationship is great. I can say that it was cultivated from childhood (fights). When we went out we would even hold hands, which I couldn't do with other fellow disciples like Yuen Biao." He also revealed that when he and Jackie Chan saw each other they often greeted each other with foul language. "Maybe when I don't yell at him, he doesn't feel it's fun."

As for the secret segment, Hung Kam Bo revealed that he was afraid of snakes and that his wife Joyce Godenzi (Go Lai Hung) was born on the Year of the Snake. Thus he was afraid of his wife. Already a grandfather, he talked about his grandson. He praised his son Timmy Hung Tin Ming for putting in a full effort into raising his son. As for retirement, he said that he would never retire.

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