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Miriam Yeung was a nurse before getting into show business so she is already an organ donor
Annie Liu gets teary eyed when she recalls how the idea comes to fruition
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Will In Action's Johnnie To and You: Organ Donation 30 second short film creative contest kicked off yesterday. Attendees included Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Annie Liu On Lai, C AllStar and Stephen Chan Chi Wan.

A recent report claimed that Chin Wa took HK$ 10 million to "sell her son" as a child star. Her son Torres will make the film LITTLE BIG MASTER (NG GOR SIU HAI DIK HAU JEUNG)'s sequel. Chin Wa said that she was not upset with the report because she was already used to the magazine reporting style. That night because Torres had a high fever she responded. She reiterated that she was not upset, but she hoped that the magazine would not publish such a close up photo of Torres because she did not want to affect his education. She also thanked the magazine for promoting the film.

Chin Wa said that during Easter when she took her son to Disneyland Hong Kong, many children came to her and said, "Good morning, Principal!" She joked that from now on she had to be a good "principal" whenever she went out. Speaking of LITTLE BIG MASTER's box office breaking HK$ 50 million, Chin Wa said that during the shoot she did not think too much about that. She only wanted to do the job well. However she was very happy that the film helped Principal Lui Lai Hung as her school could be rebuilt.

Annie said that five years ago she already planned to work with director To Kei Fung in hopes of bringing more attention to organ donation with short film productions, but at the time the plan was scrapped due to a lack of funding. She was very touched that this time went successfully. Winners will have a chance to have lunch with director To Kei Fung and exchange film production experience.

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