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Pakho Chau says that Annie Liu turns "Super Saiyan" when she gets mad
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Alex Lam admits to bringing Linah Matsuoka to meet his parents
Annie Liu and Pakho Chau
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Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau), Pakho Chau, Alex Lam Tak Shun, Jacquelin Chong Si Man and Jacky Cai (Choi Kit) two nights ago attended the film MY WIFE IS A SUPERSTAR (NGOR LO POR HAI MING SING) wrap banquet. Sum Yau's character in the film was drastically different from before. This time her character was rather rough and rude. She said that normally she was rather sloppy, the character actually was somewhat like her.

Pakho said that in the film he had an argument scene, the day after the shoot he almost lost his voice. Yet Sum Yau and Lam Tak Shun were rather amazing and were argument experts; he joked that whenever he was present, Sum Yau would become a "Super Saiyan" and display her dark side. Sum Yau immediately struck back and said that Pakho was very narcissistic, as he would often ask her if she thought he was very handsome.

Alex said that perhaps he has inherited his father George Lam Chi Cheung's voice, so he would not get tired from arguing. Has he argued with his parents? Alex said that he has not with his father, but when he was little he constantly argued with his mother and step mother Sally (Yip Sin Man). Normally his father rarely spoke. He also admitted that he was very rebellious when he was little. At age 12 he already started to learn to drink. While studying in England he also got drunk. Once while drinking at camp, a classmate threw camp fire at his feet. He was burnt and hospitalized. Later after learning yoga, he changed all of his bad habits.

Has he argued with his girlfriend? Alex said they constantly argued. He might look mild mannered and soft spoken, but he still had a temper. Both his mother and girlfriend have said that they could not stand him. Has he argued with his current girlfriend Linah Matsuoka? He said that when they had a difference of opinion, he would meet with friends to relax. After growing up he understood that arguing could not resolve any problem. He should cool down and give everyone time and space.

Speaking of earlier Lam Chi Cheung revealing Matsuoka's big appetite, Alex admitted that he has brought his girlfriend to meet his parents. Perhaps because his father has always eaten very little and he rarely saw a girl who ate a lot, he would say that.

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