Tuesday, April 14, 2015


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Shawn Yue is moved to tears when asked whom he would like to apologize to
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Shawn Yue Man Lok tonight will be a guest on TELLING MARIA. In his interview, he shared the 4 relationships that he had since he got into the business with host Maria Lai Chi San. His first romance was when he worked on YOUTH@Y2K he and Natalie Tong Wing Sze developed puppy love. Then he was with Candy Lo Hau Yam. After he and Lo Hau Yam broke up, he received continuous condemnation outside the business. He said that he thought about retiring from show business. He would also discuss the reasons of his break up with Emme Wong Yi Man and Kary Ng Yu Fei. Which one of the four relationships did he regret the most?

Lai Chi San said that on the program she made Yue Man Lok cry. He was moved to tears when he talked about whom he would like to apologize to the most. This person also changed his value and life attitude.

Yue Man Lok came from a big family, his mother had seven siblings so he valued family since childhood. Because his parents were busy with work, he would live apart from his family when he was little. More isolated from his family, he was more rebellious; after he joined show business he finally understood how tough work was for his parents. He felt that the most difficult movie in his career was AS THE LIGHT GOES OUT (GAU FOR YING HUNG). Because the firefighting equipment was heavy and the fire scenes were tough to shoot, his arm, back and waist were all injured and he found the experience to be very memorable.

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