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Vicki Zhao thanks friends for their support
Peter Lam congratulates Ivana Wong
Andrew Lau, Matt Chow, Louis Koo, Peter Chan, Ivana Wong, Sandra Ng, Huang Bo
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Vicki Zhao does not plan to increase her salary
Ivana Wong celebrates with champagne
Ivana Wong accepts well wishes from fans
Sandra Ng will continue to work with Ivana Wong
Sandra Ng and Peter Chan host a celebration together
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Vicki Zhao Wei with DEAREST won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress. Two nights ago she and two award winner Ivana Wong Yuen Chi attended Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Peter Chan Ho Sun's celebration. Mainland actor Huang Bo, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Andrew Lau Wai Keung attended. Zhao Wei was in a great spirits and changed in a black dress. She said that she did not dare to think about the result before the race and thanked the jury for voting for her. Her DEAREST character was very different from the ones she played before. She even made a great sacrifice in appearance. She said that it was worth her effort. If she did not perform well no director would ask her to act again. If she did not perform well and played ugly, it would be hard for an actor to take. Luckily director Chan Ho Sun helped her and completed that character that everyone accepted.

Speaking of Huang Bo not winning Best Actor, would Zhao Wei comfort him? She said that he was an action of substance and ability. In the future he would be able to win any award. She also said that he was in a particular good state of mind and was a good Mainland actor. Will she raise her salary after the award? She said that the most important was that she liked the script and the character, which was different from advertising. Did her family see her victory? She said that her family watched television and knew about it. Speaking of the recent Hong Kong stock market decline, Zhao Wei said that she did not notice. It had nothing to do with her and her work.

Ng Kwan Yu said that she was the happiest that Wong Yuen Chi won two awards with GOLDEN CHICKENS SSS (GUM GAI SSS). Was she disappointed that she did not win? She said that she was not, but sh would put her effort into making movies. Because comedy had a very hard time winning awards, she was disappointed with all three nominations. She also felt that this year's results were fair. Wong Yuen Chi admitted that when she learned about her Best Supporting Actress victory, she was surprised. Would she repay Kwan Yu by making her films without a salary? She said that she would worry about it when Kwan Yu approached her again. Speaking of Yuen Chi's cheat sheet in her chest, Kwan Yu joked, "Only someone in as high position as you would be able to do that, we are so low quality. It is your "peak" of life so you get it from there. You are so high there, of course you have to get it from there."

Ivana Wong Yuen Chi two nights ago at the Hong Kong Film Awards won two awards, Best New Performer and Best Supporting Actress with GOLDEN CHICKEN SSS (GUM GAI SSS). After the show she first attended Sandra Ng Kwan Yu's celebration, then her company Media Asia Records held a surprise party for her. Boss Peter Lam Kin Ngok appeared to congratulate her. Fans also presented gifts to her as they popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Yuen Chi said that she has not seen Boss Lam in a long time. In addition all the co-workers were on hand so it felt like a family reunion. Fans two nights ago presented her with four treasures of chicken wings, fish balls, banana and chocolate milk. She said that every time she won a music award, her fans knew that she did not drink and would give her chocolate milk. Now it has already become a "tradition". Speaking of this surprise party, she said that she was able to guess it. Has her music fans now becomes her film fans? She said that she hoped one day her film fans would become her music fans because her favorite job was making music. If the people who liked her movies would listen to her songs, or people who liked her songs would watch her movies then it would be great.

Ivana called her family and boyfriend. Her boyfriend was very happy and emotional. Did her boyfriend give her an air kiss? She said, "I am not telling you." Speaking of her boyfriend congratulating her online as well, she admitted that she did not know. Would she ask for dinner or present from her boyfriend to celebrate? She said that she did not need it because he was very busy. He was in an exhibit in Korea and she only wanted him to come back soon. The two awards will first be at her home, then probably at the company.

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