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Amber Kuo and Nick Cheung raise a glass to toast the team
Eddie Peng and Shawn Yue visit Nick Cheung on the set
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai's second film as a director, MASTER FAT (TOR DEI KUI MOR YUN) also starred Amber Kuo, Sisley Choi Sze Bui, Louis Cheung Kai Chung and others. The film earlier officially wrapped up production and immediately entered into its post production stage.

That day Ka Fai was in a great mood. While shooting on the streets of Sheung Wan, he turned no one who asked for photos and autographs away. Vanessa Yeung Tsang passed by and visited the set. Ka Fai's friend Eddie Peng Yu-Yan and Shawn Yue Man Lok also appeared to cheer on the final day of the shoot. Fans fought to take photos with them, Ka Fai joked that they have stolen his spotlight.

On the night of the wrap, a team member's kitten guest starred. Yet after the shoot it might have been frightened and ran off. It even darted into the military base. Luckily in the end the team and Ka Fai discovered its trail and the Liberation Army helped with its retrieval. Ka Fai joked, "I can only appear in person and tell them I am Cheung Ka Fai, please give!"

As the director Ka Fai after the wrap could not wait to thank his team as he felt a film wrap banquet in Lei Yue Mun. Amber Kuo made the trip to Hong Kong to participate. At the wrap banquet, Ka Fai who rarely drank first emptied a entire glass of red wine in a toast to the team. He said, "Thank you very much everyone for your contribution to this film. I have a great memory, in my memory I never yelled at you. In others words all of you did great, thank you!" As the banquet neared its end, Ka Fai and one of the producers Claudie Chung Chun chipped in HK$ 70,000 for a wrap lucky drawing. Then Ka Fai in order for everyone in the team to have a prize deliberately added more money to the prizes.

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