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Jordan Chan and Gordon Lam take the blunt of Hong Kong Film Award criticism
Sandra Ng is also blasted for disrespecting writer Xiao Hong and THE GOLDEN ERA director Ann Hui
TVB cut my little airport's performance of the English national anthem to go to commercials
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Jordon Chan and Gordon Lam are criticized for their hosting
Gordon Chan
Stephy Tang is puzzled about Theresa Fu's boycott claim
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Cherrie Ying Choi Yi (Ding Ding) and her husband Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Michael Tse Tin Wa, Emme Wong Yee Man, Sam Lee Chan Sam and Shiga Lin Si Nga yesterday attended the online series GENIUS TO THE LEFT MADMAN TO THE RIGHT press conference. First time producer Ding Ding even had the support of Charles Heung Wa Keung in person. She revealed that the series was based on the online novel THE WORLD OF MADMAN and has a budget of 10 million.

Did she have any pressure as a first time producer? Ding Ding said that after the funding got into her hand she had less pressure. She personally invited the actors in the series. Her husband not only did not have a salary but also did not get flights for him to return to Hong Kong for the shoot. He could only shoot while he was in Hong Kong. As for Siu Chun being lambasted for his Hong Kong Film Award hosting gig, for stuttering and looking at cheat sheet, she who also attended that night supported him. "Anyone who asked him would not expect him to be (Dayo) Wong Tze Wah. We also asked the event why ask Siu Chun? They wanted him stuttering and comedic effects. Did you think that he was improvising? Actually everything was scripts, he was just acting. (Did your heart ache?) It's just one day of fun, tomorrow he is a good man again. At this age what do we have to be afraid of." Siu Chun admitted that he did not prepare enough for the Hong Kong film Award because he had to commute between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Yet as a part of Hong Kong film he agreed. Was he upset about the negative reviews? He said that with so many articulate people, since they asked him they expected him to stutter. He also thought that he had a lot fun and so he would agree if he was asked again next year. Although Ding Ding has not visited her friend Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi's baby, she knew that the baby was fine now. She would wait until the baby is home before visiting.

In addition, Gordon Lam Ka Tung's performance two nights ago was also criticized. When he introduced Best New Performer Candy Cheung Suet Kun, he called her "Cheung whatever" and also said that he did not see DOT 2 DOT (DIM DUI DIM) because the film was only shown in "Europe" (Tuen Mun's London Paris New York cinemas) and he would not go to Tuen Mun for an early show. Ka Tung's comment was criticized as disrespecting the nominee. DOT 2 DOT directed Amos Why yesterday made a four point statement online and said that the film opened in ten cinemas and was never shown at Paris London New York. He also said that Cheung Suet Kun was nominated. As a host Ka Tung could not even say her name, which was truly disrespectful. In the end he said that the film later will have special screenings at the Art center and welcome Ka Tung to attend.

The Hong Kong Film Award chair Gordon Chan Ka Seung said, "I feel the Hong Kong Film Award nomination isn't a honor that comes by easily, there are reasons for both winning and losing. I have no comment. As for Ka Tung, as a volunteer he was very anxious and focused during the preparation for hosting. He contributed a lot. This job originally is very hard to please everyone. To achieve an effect, you may be called disrespectful. I just hope everyone can understand."

Sandra Ng Kwan Yu while presenting Best Picture mentioned THE GOLDEN ERA. "From my childhood I have known about Hong Kong International Best Actress (Josephine) Siao Fong Fong, but now I actually know that in the 30's there was a 30s writer Xiao Hong. I only knew that Portland Street has many Ms. Siao." The comment seemed insulting to both writer Xiao Hong and director Ann Hui On Wa.

Hui On Wa believed that Kwan Yu had no intention to hurt anyone. Ann said, "At the time I was doing interviews back stage, I didn't hear what Kwan Yu said. Her words have always been rational, you can't decide whether she has hurt anyone from just a few words. Kwan Yu has no intention to hurt anyone, the Kwan Yu I know has no ill will. In particular what she said on the stage was probably just a joke!"

Two nights ago my little airport's BRAND NEW HONG KONG competed for Best Original Film Song, at the end they played the English national anthem. The television live broadcast cut it for commercials. Some viewers complained to TVB. Their record company said, "No one can interfere with our musical expression!"

The TVB live broadcast had an average rating of 23 points (1.49 million viewers). The highest point was when Ivana Wong Yuen Chi won the Best Supporting Actress award with 26 points. Last year the Hong Kong Film Award's average rating was 25 points, this year it dropped 2 points because TVB Pearl's airing of THE AVENGERS took away viewers.

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