Monday, April 20, 2015


Wong Jing has said that he wants to unfriend Anthony Wong
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Anthony Wong Chau Sun's Best Director speech brought the 34th Hong Kong Film Award to its climax. Two nights ago Chau Sun's speech supported Hong Kong film while poking fun at Hong Kong electoral reform. He said, "Tonight really is very haunted, yes it's me again. I am still standing here. Hong Kong filmmakers' survival instinct is really very strong, I believe the same goes for Hong Kong film and Hong Kong Film Awards. Today I am here to present Best Director, as usual my invitation has a story. Originally I was to present Best Actor, I said great, give it to Lau Ching Wan. He said 'he only has two nominations this year'. I said two nominations of course is greater than one nomination, why don't you give it to someone who isn't nominated?" When he said that he wanted to give Best Actress to Ah Sa but the event said that it were not in charge, Chau Sun said, "You aren't even in charge of your own business, how bad are you!"

Finally he suggested that he has never been the host, the event said that his words were too edgy and borderline dangerous. If he said anything wrong and they got unfriended it would not be good! Chau Sun continued, "No, I have to be the host...I want to be the host! 'Why don't we do this, we can negotiate, try Best Director, just put it in your pocket first...'"


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