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The over HK$ 200 million investment anti terrorism film HELIOS (CHET DOH) has already been slated for a May 1st release. Aside from Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Jacky Cheung Hok Yau's battle of wits, strength and acting, the film also had explosive gun fight action scenes with Janice Man Wing Shan, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Ji Jin-Hee, Choi Si-Won and Chang Chen. In one scene JM put Ka Fai's in a leg scissor, poked him in the eyes and "busted her had", as she opened the eyes of many ih her debut as a sex action villain.

Actually JM after taking the role went to train with elder Yeung Pan Pan at her school. Everyday she stretched and boxed. She trained herself until she could fire a gun without blinking at all. She said, "I spent half a year on related training, I also ran to train my endurance and box to train up. The film company even arranged for a retired U.S. military trainer for me. At the peak I had six pack abdominal muscles, which was my best shape so far in my life."

Ka Fai whose head JM busted open praised her agility as she could be anew generation action actress. JM for this fight scene did her homework completely. She said, "That scene required many flips and fall to the ground, so before the shoot I was afraid of getting hurt. Yet as an actress I had to be professional and let go. Ka Fai and I Only rehearsed a few times. He was very experienced so we completed the scene very smoothly." She also said that Ka Fai did not treat her like a woman in the scene at all. They fought ferociously, which to her was a huge challenge. She hoped that the audience would be able to see her as something other than petite. She also would not eliminate that she would take another action role in the future.

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