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Jackie Chan takes off as soon as he hears questions about Ng Cheuk Lam
Elva Hsiao
Ella Chen takes the chance to promote her new record
Jay Chou
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The 19th China Music Award took place two nights ago in Macau. 45 awards were presented and Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun), Rain, Gillian Chung Yun Tung, Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting), Nicky Wu (Ng Kei Lung) and Jackie Chan attended. Jackie Chan after the show was asked about his son Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming), which he graciously replied. Yet when Elaine Ng Yi Lei's daughter Cheuk Lam was mentioned, he immediately left and did not respond.

Jackie Chan won the Channel V Best Film Song with his film theme song GREAT DESERT HERO and also China Music Special Contribution Award. He said that after almost 54 years in film, he has sung over 70 film theme songs but has never won an award. Speaking of Cho Ming, Jackie Chan admitted that he did not know what he was doing now. After cutting Cho Ming's hair last time they did not see each other again. He was busy flying all over for work. Did he feel that Cho Ming was more demure now? Jackie Chan admitted that he has not seen him and everyone was better off asking Cho Ming. He could not answer on his behalf.

Jackie Chan recently published an autobiography, the content of which led to different responses. He said that he published the autobiography because he wanted to write down real people and events that were worth remembering, not to make money. He did not want anyone to make something out of nothing when he was gone, because what he said would be the most honest. However Teresa Tang Lai Kwan's family claimed that Jackie Chan took the chance to bring up the past again. Jackie Chan immediately asked reporters who said that and not to say they heard. He said, if someone said it then they had to have evidence; he also said that Tang Lai Kwan's brother has already denied it.

In the book Jackie Chan hinted at a female star's arrogance, which some said that he was referring to Anita Yuen Wing Yi. He said that he has seen many female stars acting arrogantly, but he never said that he was referring to Len Len. He would not say anything to hurt anyone, in the end the person knew who she was.

Recently Elaine Ng Yi Lei was suspected of child abuse. As soon as Jackie Chan heard he immediately got up, said thank you to the media and left without giving any response.

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