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Francis Ng's son Feynman predicts correctly victory for "Uncle President"
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Sean Lau makes a mischievous expression when his wife kisses him
Alan Mak, Sean Lau, Yu Dong, Kenneth Tsang, Felix Chong, Shi Nansun and Lee Kwong Yiu
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Sean Lau Ching Wan with OVERHEARD 3 (SIT TING FUNG WON 3) won his second Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor. Ching Wan after the show attended with his wife Amy Kwok Oi Ming the OVERHEARD 3 and INSANITY (BO FUNG YU) joint celebration. Best Supporting Actor Kenneth Tsang Kong, Best Screenplay winners Alan Mak Siu Fai and Felix Chong Man Keung and Best New Director Lee Kwong Yiu attended. This fresh out of the oven Best Actor also announced a new breakthrough this year, as he will work with Eddie Peng Yu-Yan and Wu Jing on an action film.

The LITTLE BIG MASTER children two nights ago was called Ching Wan handsome and cool, he originally thought that the workers taught them, but he was somewhat surprised to learn that they were not at all. Would he change his views on having children? He admitted that the five children were cute. When the five children presented the award to him together, he felt the moment was very touching. He joked, "I am a tough guy!"

Winning Best Actor this time, he pointed out that the feeling was similar to the first time. What was different was the late cinematographer Tall Guy (Chan Kwok Hung) participated in all three OVERHEARD 3. He has seen many filmmakers who were still working hard and believed that Hong Kong film was not on its way to its end. Will he get a raise? He said that all of the jobs have already been scheduled so he probably would not. Two nights ago his "spaceship" comment to his wife was rather moving. Ching wan said that he would not explain what he said again. It was whatever everyone thought it was, now he felt more and more that living in this environment he should thank whomever he wanted. Was this a secret between him and his wife? He pointed out that it was no secret, he was already very clear. Speaking of his wife wearing green for both of his victories and it seemed to be very lucky for him, he asked, "Really? Truly only girls would notice." He jokingly asked his wife to wear green more.

Speaking of his work future, Ching Wan said that next month he will work on action films. He already has not worked on this genre for 20 years. Benny Chan Muk Sing will direct, Sammo Hung Kam Bo will direct the action. He will fight with Peng Yu-Yan and Wu Jing. He said that he has never worked on a film in which Hung Kam Bo was the action director. This time he finally had the chance. He believed that this time would have a lot of fights. He would try to join the team as soon as possible to practice, but he believed that they knew he could not fight and make accommodation.

Tsang Kong two nights ago won Best Supporting Actor. He said that he was still very emotional. He was still tear eyed, which he joked that old people's eyes were like this. Was he very moved? He said, "After doing something for 60 years you still are still appreciated, wouldn't you be moved?" He said that people had feelings. After 60 years he was still able to stand in this spot, he was not only moved, sentimental but also grateful. Alex Fong Chung Shun pointed out that as soon as Tsang Kong stood out he had a presence. Tsang Kong said that acting had many interpretations. Fong Chung Shun has never tried OVERHEARD 3's appearance, actually his chances was rather high. Tsang Kong said, "Yet winning an award has many factors, it may not be beating someone in acting." Would he make more movies in the future? He pointed out that he would continue if needed. He wanted to see if he would have a chance to play a grandfather. If he was able to handle it physically, he might not have to retire. He joked, "Why do you want a 21 year old child to play an old man? Does he look convincing? Why not ask old people to play old people? Then why do I need to retire?" He thanked Heaven for giving him good health, to be able to still work at this age.

Meanwhile, Francis Ng Chun Yu revealed that Feynman Ng was very accurate with his prediction. He wrote online, "I remember one year Lau Ching Wan was also nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award, I told him to say Lau Ching Wan wins but he wouldn't do it even if his life depended on it. Ching Wan that day didn't win. Yet this year he kept saying on his own Uncle President wins, Uncle President wins, finally he got it. Everyone must want to know why he calls Ching Wan Uncle President. When Feynman was little he often pointed at Obama and said he was Lau Ching Wan. Congratulation Ching Wan Uncle President on winning again." Chun Yu even posed a photo of his son with Ching Wan on television.

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