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Liao Fan, Tang Wei and Feng Xiaogang
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The 6th China Film Directors' Guild Awards 2014 took place two nights ago in Beijing. The Peter Chan Ho Sun directed DEAREST received the Jury Special Prize of the Year. Chan Ho Sun personally accepted the award. He said, "The Mainland colleague's recognition is just as important as the Hong Kong industry recognition to me. This award belongs to my actors and screen writer."

At the event, director Huang Jianxin, Xu Zheng and Mainland actor Mei Ting presented the Special Prize Award of the Year to DEAREST. Huang Jianxin earlier in the process has publicly said that it was unfair for DEAREST to lose this year's qualification because it was a Hong Kong director's film. Two nights ago Huang Jianxin again spoke up and praised Vicki Zhao Wei, Huang Bo, Hao Lei and others for contributing the best performance of the year in DEAREST. As the chair of the early round selection, Xu Zheng represented the Directors' Guild and said that from now on it would seriously consider adjustments so the rules would keep up with the times. Chan Ho Sun joked, "This is truly very important to my film, otherwise when Mainland actors learned that they definitely would not win this award for my movie, no one would be willing to perform."

Chan Ho Sun with AMERICAN DREAMS IN CHINA was chosen as the China Film Directors' Guild Hong Kong and Tawian director of the year. Yet because at the time he was busy with a film production his friend Andrew Lau Wai Keung accepted it on his behalf. This time Chan Ho Sun personally accepted the award. "Mainland colleagues' recognition was very important, just as important as the Hong Kong industry's recognition. They are both very important to me. I never thought about winning this director award because of my identity problem. Yet I really hoped that my actors could win this award. Without my group of excellent actors, the film DEAREST wouldn't exist. This award belongs to my actors, belongs to my screen writer Zhang Ji."

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