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Donnie Yen shows off his piano playing skills
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Maria Lai Chi San's TVB talk show TELLING MARIA received good response. The second season will begin tonight. The first episode guest was the three time Hong Kong Film Award Best Action Choreography Award winner, famous Hong Kong martial art actor and director, the "Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan. He shared how he got into the business and the joy and sorrow of the business.

Born in Guangzhou, Chi Tan came to Hong Kong with his father at age two. In his teens his family immigrated to Boston. Chi Tan due to his mother's influence fell in love with martial art. After growing up he worked on films with Master Yuen Woo Ping, then he joined TVB and participated in the series FILE NOIR (MO MIN GUP SIN FUNG), during which he experienced the pain of the production.

As a martial art superstar, Chi Tan talked about his kung fu film and injury experience. Earlier kung fu films featured real fighting, without proper safety precautions he shared the four times when he was almost blinded. Speaking of the hit IP MAN, Chi Tan said that he never expected the outside response would be so enthusiastic. As for the upcoming IP MAN 3, Chi Tan would discuss his expectations and pressure on the program.

Chi Tan has worked with many famous directors including Felix Chong Man Keung, Tsui Hark, Zhang Yimou, Peter Chan Ho Sun, Wilson Yip Wai Shun and others. Actually every director's demands and relationships were different.

Chi Tan wanted to thank his wife the most for her support. Because he was cool and shy, his wife's appearance changed him and filled him with positive energy. He even did something that moved his wife to tears. As for who Chi Tan considered to be the "strongest in the universe", the answer would be revealed on the program.

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