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Shawn Yue is moved to tears over his regrets
Ng Man Tat appears on TELLING MARIA
Donnie Yen
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With 42 years in the film industry and countless collaborations with Best Actors, famous film and television comedy actor Ng Man Tat appeared on the Maria Lai Chi San's program TELLING MARIA. He revealed that early in Chow Yun Fat's career he faced the danger of being fired because he was too nervous. Brother Tat has been interested in acting since he was little. At age 21 without his family's knowledge he applied for the TVB training class. He was the closest to Chow Yun Fat, Ringo Lam Lan Tung, Johnnie To Kei Fung and others. After graduation, he participated in the program ENJOY YOURSELF TONIGHT with his wit and good memory. Later he caught the eyes of Wong Tin Lam. After starring in the series CHOR LAU HEUNG his popular rose in Taiwan, but he also became insufferably arrogant. He spent all day in wine and women and even thought about suicide after he became debt ridden; however after bankruptcy Brother Tat worked hard, adding to his understanding of his acting methods even more.

Having worked with countless Best Actors, Brother Tat even shared his thoughts about working with different actors. He revealed that Chow Yun Fat was so nervous that he was almost fired. When Brother Tat and another friend Stephen Chow Sing Chi worked together on THE FINAL COMBAT (KOI SAI HO HUP) Chow's "Mo Le Tau" innovative ideas have already influenced him. Later when they worked together on THE JUSTICE OF LIFE (TA LOI JI GONG WU) they designed dialogue and image for their characters together and finally the show became a classic. As for their dispute rumors and the outside criticism of Sing Yeh, Brother Tat would explain each on the program.

Last March, Brother Tat was hospitalized for a virus infection that led to heart failure, but at first he still continued to work as he did not notice how severe his illness was. When his breathing and heartbeat became rapid his friend sent him to the hospital and directly into the Intensive Care Unit. The doctor at the time asked his family to see him at the hospital. Luckily Brother Tat was able to get past it. What was the near death experience like for Brother Wa? How did his attitude toward life and family change? The program will answer all those questions.

Shawn Yue Man Lok last night appeared on the program, talked about his relationships with Natalie Tong Sze Wing, Candy Lo Hau Yam, Emme Wong Yi Man and Kary Ng Yu Fei and revealed that someone has given him the impulse to wed. When asked to whom he would like to apologize to, Lok Jai said, "My aunt, since I was little I lived with her and she took care of me, unfortunately when she passed I didn't arrive in time to bid her farewell. I regretted that very much." Lok Jai then was teary eyed.

Appearing earlier on the program, Donnie Yen Chi Tan also shared how he expressed his love for his wife Cissy Wang with a tattoo. "My back has a tattoo of the word 'Sze'. Cissy protested to me that childbirth has given her stretch marks and joked that she wanted me to get a tattoo as compensation."

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